Immersive 360 film service creating videos for social inclusion in Australia

Welcome 360 is a 360 video film service which helps with daily life challenges, such as accessing local services and community organisations.

When we formed at the 2017 Techfugees Hackathon, we found that for every caseworker there are 60 clients needing help adjusting to life in Australia. Organisations are struggling to give new migrants the help and support they need.

By providing immersive training videos online, clients can use Welcome 360 content whenever and wherever they need, addressing accessibility and demand issues. We're now expanding our videos to cover other cross-cultural and intergenerational projects related to healthcare, education, housing and employment.

We work with language services, government, businesses, healthcare and community organisations to help people integrate into new ways of life.

This virtual reality environment improves knowledge retention in a calming, active and multi-sensory environment. Providing your materials online reduces the costs of repeatedly holding in-person training sessions with interpreters and experts.

360 videos are an exciting way to share new locations, products and services with our community. You can find out more about how this new technology can be used here.


A tech community response to the needs of refugees.


MDA is the leading settlement agency in Queensland.


Elevate+ social enterprise accelerator program.

Safe, fun and realistic virtual environments.

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